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Rubber International Festival of Music on the Cinema, has as goal give a space for the promotion of documentary and fiction films about the musical diversity of the world cultures, the importance of the soundtrack on the cinema, also the revisitation of work and life of classic composers and bands that have been mandatory benchmark of the popular culture.

For its second edition, at 2015, RUBBER FIMC invites to filmmakers and producers of national and international cinema, to participate in its official call for entries for Competence and Exhibition.


1.1 There is not limit about the number of film works on inscription 

1.2 It will be accepted film works on the next categories: Documentary, Feature Film,     Experimental, Animation and Video clip.

1.3 The film works will be considered for their participation on the Competence and Exhibition sections.

1.4 There is no fee per inscription.

1.5 The date of production to be part of the Competence it cannot be before 2013


2.1 The period of inscription begins since the publication of this call until May 8th, 2015.

2.2 Download the entry form here:

2.3. The sending of the film works can be in the following ways.

 a) By internet through

  • Find Rubber FIMC in the site. Follow the instructions, fill the online inscription form and upload the requested files.
  • The fee per use of this service is just of 1.5 dollars.
  • The film works produced on Mexico may use the service without a cost.

b) Sending of material through post mail. The package must include: 

  • 2 dvd copies or 1 Blu-ray copy. The copies will not be returned. We request you send tested copies and in good copies to avoid setbacks. Please do not include the film as data disc.
  • Inscription sheet will all the fields filled
  • Press kit with stills, film sheet y film synopsis, for its publication on official catalog, the playbill and social networks.

Important: Specified if it is the final cut or a work in progress, also the delivery date of the final film work for its screening in case of be selected.

The materials must be sending to the following address:

Rubber FIMC
Attention: Jose Antonio Soto Manrique
Topantiagua No.18 Colonia Santa Catarina.
Delegacion Azcapotzalco. C.P. 02250
Mexico D.F.

2.4 The authors will be responsible of their work rights.

2.5 Once the film work was registered, it cannot be retired.


3.1 The film works will be selected according the decision of the Rubber FIMC Programming Committee. The decision is unaltered.

3.2 The organization will settle the date and order of film screenings. In case of be requested to screenings after the festival dates, the organization will notify through email to the producers, directors and/or distributors.

 3.3 Rubber FIMC could invite long features for competence. The asking of screener for viewing will not be considered an invitation.

3.4 Rubber FIMC will contact to all and each one of the SELECTED FILM WORK authors to notify them their participation rules.

4.- JURY

4.1 The jury will be formed for professional of the cinematographic ambient and musical industry.

Rubber FIMC will notify, with anticipation, to the members of the jury. Their decision is unaltered.


5.1 Rubber FIMC may screen excerpts of the selected long features with promoting purposes (website, you tube, social networks, TV, etc.)

5.2 Registration implies agreement of these rules.


The winners of the film works on competence will receive a statuette designed by the mexican artist Josue Lara Espejel:

• Award for Best Long Feature.
• Award for Best Documentary.
• Award for Best International Short Film.
• Award for Best Long Feature Soundtrack.
• Award for Best Short Film Soundtrack

6.1 The winner film works could be selected for participate as guest on the Rubber FIMC allied festivals inside and out of México

Rubber FIMC is a Project made by ZAPOTECO GROUP: Independent Cinema, Music & Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural promotion and audiovisual production.

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